Thursday, June 3, 2010

Frozen Dinners, yum!

Okay, not exactly yum! but they are good enough for lunch when I don't feel like making anything myself. This has basically been it for me this week since I can't find my 4/18 insert, which seems to have all the Q's for the sales this week. Oops.

7*$1.89 Smart Ones Frozen Meal
3*$2.25 Smart Ones Frozen Meal
$2.39 Aluminum Foil (needed it)
-$4.00/10 Smart Ones Manf. Q
-$0.05 Bag discount
+$0.20 tax on foil
=$18.52 OOP, and got back a $5 Target GC for buying the Smart Ones.

I'm not sure which ones were $2.25, but the ad did say some varieties were still that price, so I'll need to note the shelf better in the future- I'm not that picky on which ones I get. Still, with the coupon and gift card I paid just over $1 per meal, which in my area is a great price on these.

Also, the manf. coupon was a peelie from a Smart Ones I bought at Target awhile ago, so your Target may still have the peelies on them, especially if they don't do a lot of turnover on those items. I do not remember exactly when I got it, but I don't feel like it could have been too long ago.

Happy Hounding!

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