Sunday, June 27, 2010

John to the Frieda!

I LOVE this shampoo, and love it even more when I'm paid to buy it! FYI the conditioners with the combs attatched DO work for the rewards, and my cashier told me they are great combs.

3 seperate transactions here, but all identical:

4 John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo/conditioner
-$5/20 Rite Aid Q
-4* $3 JF Qs
=$3.00 subtotal + $1.46 tax = $4.46 OOP
Got back $10 Up+ rewards on each transaction, for a total profit of $16.62.

I also stopped by and picked up some papers on the way home, because silly annathy forgot to get them while at Rite Aid. CVS was out, so I ended up buying them at Pavillions (safeway) which has raised their price to $2 a paper, learned that I won't be buying them there anymore.

Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to buy with that $30 in UP+ rewards... time to start looking at previews!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My favorite Produce place

Is a little store called Sprouts. They're a chain found in Cali, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. I find that the produce there is cheaper than the big Kroger/Ralph's or Safeway/Vons stores, and it is usually better too. Sorry there is no pic today, all this was in the fridge way before I thought about that.

Yesterday on my way home I picked up:
2 6 oz containers raspberries, $1.50 ea
1 6 oz container blueberries, $1.50 ea
1 eggplant, $1.69 ea
4 Nectarines, $0.49/lb
1 bunch asparagus, $1.99/lb
3 roma tomatoes, $0.99/lb
4 avocados, $0.77 ea
For a grand total of $12.46 for my produce this week.

For a comparison, the big stores are advertising avocados for $1.25 ea and blueberries for $2.99 per container this week. Ouch!

Yum... I love summer and all the wonderful fresh fruit and veggies that go with it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

John Frieda & Singer

Just a quick trip to WAGS today. It pains me a little bit inside to pay for shampoo, but I really love John Frieda's root awakening stuff! Plus, I have had no luck finding cheap neutrogena or the survey in the gillette, so I needed to burn RR's on something!

$15 for 3 JF Shampoo (the first two rang up as 5.99, third as 3.02)
$1.00 clearanced Singer iron-on patches
$0.20 clearanced knee-highs
-3*$2/1 JF coupons (I'm out of the $3/1 ones)
-$5 RR
-$4 RR
=$1.20 + tax = $2.62 OOP, and got back $5 RR for the JF

So the JF shampoo I love, the knee-highs were just the cheapest filler I could find, and the Singer patches are for my around-the-house jeans, which I wear until they are so shamefully tattered that it would make your eyes hurt. I can't help it that jeans get softer as they age. Or that newer styles always seem to be all ripped up. Call me old fashioned, but I like my pants to be INTACT when I buy them.

FYI for you kids who actually sew (you'll notice the patches I bought were iron-on), there were a number of Singer brand things in the clearance section of my store for $1- needle multi-packs, oversized safety pins, things of that nature... so keep an eye out for some good fillers!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A little bit of everything

A picture! I still haven't found the cord for my camera, but guess what? My PHONE has a camera, and it can email them to me. Success!

This is yesterday's loot. Of course, I forgot to print out the $5/20 rite aid coupon, so I only bought the moneymakers at RA. Also, I had to put the "SWAGGER" body wash in front of our pirate wine holder. It's just the right thing to do.

Ride Aid 1:
$3.50 Old Spice
$3.50 Old Spice
$7.99 Blink Tears
-$3.50 BOGO OS Q
-$2 Blink Q
=$9.49 + tax, put $8.77 (the Blink) on my FSA debit, and $2.18 on a RA GC. No OOP!
Got $4 Up+ bucks back, and will get $7.99 SCR back

Rite Aid 2:
$3.50 Old Spice
$3.50 Old Spice
-$4.79 BOGO OS Q (cashier put in shelf price)
=2.21 + tax, put $2.89 on GC, and got $4 Up+ bucks back

$5.00 John Frieda (30% more bottles don't work for the RR per frugalsuz)
$5.00 John Frieda
$5.00 John Frieda
$9.99 Gillette ProGlide
$0.39 WAGS starlight mints (filler)
-3*$3.00 JF Q's
-$4 Gillette Q
-$10 RR from Neutrogena bars
=$2.38 + tax, paid $4.71 OOP
Got $5 RR for JF, and $5 RR for Gillette

$2.50 Dove Dark Chocolate bag
$2.50 Dove Dark Chocolate bag
-$4.99 EB
=$0.01! Paid with one shiney penny from my purse. I'd been toying with retiring this card, and this was my last EB on it, so they lured me back with a $5/$15 that printed on this receipt. Also, I don't know if my green tags are transferrable to a new card, and I have 3 of them, so probably no card retiring for me.

And now, for today's loot!

A moneymakin' day! That $5/15 at CVS was burnin' a hole in my pocket, plus I remembered the $5/20 Rite Aid Q!

$8.99 Venus razor- not a great deal, but with the $5/15 I couldn't pass it up. Love these!
$3.99 Rolaids
$3.99 Rolaids
-$5/15 CVS CRT
-$2 Venus Q
-$4/2 Rolaids Q
=$5.97 + tax, paid $7.02 OOP. My reciept notes that 7.02 was FSA eligible because of the Rolaids, so if I'd been thinking I'd have paid with my FSA debit. Oh well.
Got back $4 EBs for Rolaids, $4 EBs for Venus, and I came up on my next $1 EB for my green bag tags.

Rite Aid 1:
$3.50 OS Body Wash
$3.50 OS Body Wash
$9.99 Gillette ProGlide
$4.99 JF Shampoo (I did go for the 30% more bottle here)
-$3.50 BOGO OS Q
-$4 Gillette Q
-$3 JF Q
-$4 Up+ bucks from yesterday
-$5/20 RA Q
=2.48 + tax, paid 3.97 OOP
Got $4 Up+ bucks back, and will get $5.00 SCR for Razor and $1 SCR for JF

Rite Aid 2:
$3.50 OS Body Wash
$3.50 OS Body Wash
$0.99 Act II popcorn
-$3.50 BOGO OS Q
-$4 Up+ bucks from yesterday
=0.49 + tax, paid $1.10 OOP
Got $4 Up+ bucks back, and will now- hopefully- qualify for $5 RA GC SCR for buying $25 of qualifying P&G Products.

If you're still with me, thanks so much for reading! I know I've been a touch (cough, cough, understatement) out of it lately with all the family stuff, work, and my whole camera-cord issue. Plus, this is really long today.

Thanks agin guys!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Frozen Dinners, yum!

Okay, not exactly yum! but they are good enough for lunch when I don't feel like making anything myself. This has basically been it for me this week since I can't find my 4/18 insert, which seems to have all the Q's for the sales this week. Oops.

7*$1.89 Smart Ones Frozen Meal
3*$2.25 Smart Ones Frozen Meal
$2.39 Aluminum Foil (needed it)
-$4.00/10 Smart Ones Manf. Q
-$0.05 Bag discount
+$0.20 tax on foil
=$18.52 OOP, and got back a $5 Target GC for buying the Smart Ones.

I'm not sure which ones were $2.25, but the ad did say some varieties were still that price, so I'll need to note the shelf better in the future- I'm not that picky on which ones I get. Still, with the coupon and gift card I paid just over $1 per meal, which in my area is a great price on these.

Also, the manf. coupon was a peelie from a Smart Ones I bought at Target awhile ago, so your Target may still have the peelies on them, especially if they don't do a lot of turnover on those items. I do not remember exactly when I got it, but I don't feel like it could have been too long ago.

Happy Hounding!