Thursday, June 17, 2010

John Frieda & Singer

Just a quick trip to WAGS today. It pains me a little bit inside to pay for shampoo, but I really love John Frieda's root awakening stuff! Plus, I have had no luck finding cheap neutrogena or the survey in the gillette, so I needed to burn RR's on something!

$15 for 3 JF Shampoo (the first two rang up as 5.99, third as 3.02)
$1.00 clearanced Singer iron-on patches
$0.20 clearanced knee-highs
-3*$2/1 JF coupons (I'm out of the $3/1 ones)
-$5 RR
-$4 RR
=$1.20 + tax = $2.62 OOP, and got back $5 RR for the JF

So the JF shampoo I love, the knee-highs were just the cheapest filler I could find, and the Singer patches are for my around-the-house jeans, which I wear until they are so shamefully tattered that it would make your eyes hurt. I can't help it that jeans get softer as they age. Or that newer styles always seem to be all ripped up. Call me old fashioned, but I like my pants to be INTACT when I buy them.

FYI for you kids who actually sew (you'll notice the patches I bought were iron-on), there were a number of Singer brand things in the clearance section of my store for $1- needle multi-packs, oversized safety pins, things of that nature... so keep an eye out for some good fillers!


frugalsuz said...

LOVE the Root Awakening stuff too! Do you have a RiteAid near you? There's going to be a $7 moneymaker deal on JF during the week of 6/27.

annathy03 said...

I do, thanks for the heads up! That would make it worth it to buy some more Q's off DeDe then!