Sunday, July 19, 2009


Wowsers! Time does fly, especially when I do! I went out of town for 4th of July, came back for a night before flying 1000 miles for work that week, was out in the field 70% of this past week, fly off tomorrow morning for work again, and then I'm staying at a friends close to the airport the night we come back so I don't have to drive home for the 11 hours between that flight and my one to Nashville this weekend (one of my good friends is getting married... yay!). These travel times seem to come in spurts, and this one has been crazier than usual.

I've not been couponing much these days, though I recently spent a boatload of rebate money right before the 4th at Costco (I have the Costco Amex and my rebate has to be redeemed there- it CAN be redeemed for cash though, so it's not like I was obligated to spend all this dough there), and I used a lot of Costco coupons and got tons of trashbags (I really like theirs), clorox wipes, air wick refills (I know I'm not supposed to pay for these, but my stores always seem OOS when they are free or a MM and with Q they were about $1 each), swiffer wipes, lysol bathroom cleaner, sunscreen (which I'll submit for FSA reimbursement since it is over spf 30), a PUR faucet mount, off-brand huggable hangers, some easy meal stuff like the spinach and cheese ravioli you just boil (which keeps me from getting take-out more often) and two shamefully large bottles of quality liquor.

Today I stopped by WAGS and picked up the Bic disposable razors. They have them on sale for $2.99 this week and there was a $2 coupon in today's paper. Even with SoCal taxes it came to $1.27 which I paid with my GC for a $0 OOP. Not free, but I'm OK with that price for 4 razors, especially since I didn't make it out to CVS for the free one last week.

Also I have basically finished organizing the new place and hopefully before the end of the month I will post pictures of my stockpile.

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