Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things

I've been off couponing for awhile now. My cupboard was stocked really well with my favorite items, and frankly, I was getting a bit burned out.

But it's been a few months, and the closet was getting low, so yesterday I went through all my old inserts, tossed a bunch, and clipped what I liked. This morning more great Q's came, and I was off to the races!

This was my last stop, but biggest purchase- where the big guns came out. And the credit card (don't worry, I pay it off in full monthly).

$8.99 Venus Razor (used $2 Target Q, $2 MQ)
$10.49 Bounty 8-pk (used $1 Target Q)
$0 Bounty napkins (for buying the bounty 8-pk)
$11.99 Tide (used $0.75 Target Q)
2*$6.99 36-ct Playtex (used $2.50/2 MQ, and got back a $5 Target GC)
3*$2 Pepperidge farm cookies (used $1/1 Milano Melts MQ, and 2 $0.50/1 MQ's)
$2.15 Stash Teabags (used $0.50/1 MQ)
$18.99 6-ct Intuition (yikes! This was in the wrong spot so I thought it was less, I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise- but I did use a $4.50/1 Q, which made it more reasonable)
$3.29 Kashi cereal (no Q's, just needed some)
$2.79 Coke 12-pk (no Q's, my coke rewards account always expires on me)
2*$2.24 Revlon tools (used $5/2 Target Q to get these babies FREE!)
=$64.02 subtotal, plus taxes.

The Revlon tools section had quite a few items in the $2-$3 range- several basic clippers and tweezers, plus that nail buffer that was featured with the coupon. As you can see I didn't spend $5, mostly b/c those were the products I wanted, but also to see if I could get a little overage. The coupon didn't give overage, but it didn't beep either- it automatically adjusted itself down. AND, it triggered a $5/2 MQ and a $2/1 MQ for Revlon tools to print with my reciept. I see lots of free/cheap nail clippers in my future.

Also, notice the healthy Kashi is hidden behind the delicious, delectable cookies. Just like the way it is in my head.

$15 for 4 Dove Ultimate deodorants
Used 1 $0.75/1 Q and got back $5 RR, for a true cost of $9.25 + tax

Pretty boring I know, but it's my fav deo, and I'm on my last bar or two.

Trans 1:
$5.88 Pond's towelettes (30 ct)
$8.99 Intuition razor refill (3 ct)
Used $1/1 Ponds Q and $2/1 Intuition Q, and got back $2 Ponds EB and $3 Intuition EB, for a true cost of $6.87 + tax

Again I'm hooked on Intuition and Venus razors, and I've not tried Pond's towelettes yet, but I like the Garnier ones so we'll see how these compare.

Trans 2:
$2.50 Kettle Chips
$9/2 Stayfree pads
Used $1/1 Kettle chip coupon (yum!), and BOGO Stayfree, plus my EBs from Trans 1. I should have used a $1/1 Stayfree Q as well, but didn't have it handy. Cost was $6 plus tax, but OOP lower thanks to EBs.

You can see in the pic I also picked up some canned tuna for my roommate, but it wasn't necessary to work the scenario- it's just $0.88 a can is a good price for albacore.