Sunday, June 27, 2010

John to the Frieda!

I LOVE this shampoo, and love it even more when I'm paid to buy it! FYI the conditioners with the combs attatched DO work for the rewards, and my cashier told me they are great combs.

3 seperate transactions here, but all identical:

4 John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo/conditioner
-$5/20 Rite Aid Q
-4* $3 JF Qs
=$3.00 subtotal + $1.46 tax = $4.46 OOP
Got back $10 Up+ rewards on each transaction, for a total profit of $16.62.

I also stopped by and picked up some papers on the way home, because silly annathy forgot to get them while at Rite Aid. CVS was out, so I ended up buying them at Pavillions (safeway) which has raised their price to $2 a paper, learned that I won't be buying them there anymore.

Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to buy with that $30 in UP+ rewards... time to start looking at previews!

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