Saturday, May 15, 2010

Retail Therapy

There is nothing like doing normal things to try and return yourself to a sense of normalcy... So it was off to wags and cvs for me this week. Unfortunately, my wags was out of the razors, which is rather unusual since that store is really strict on the limits thing.

$2.99 eos shave cream
$1.50 skippy peanut butter
$0.69 pantyhose
Used $3 and $2 rr's, paid $1.11 including tax and got a $3 rr back

$4.99 u pantyliners
$0.99 cvs conditioner
-$1 cvs hair crt
-$1 u Manf coupon
-$3 EBs
Paid 0.98 plus whatever the tax was, got $4.99 EB back

Cvs trip 2
$3.50 each, 2 crest toothpaste
$2 reach floss
$0.99 green bag
$0.99 green tag
$3 dove dark chocolates
$1 carefree panty liners
-$1 carefree q
-$1 reach floss q
-2*$0.75 crest q
-$1 wyb green bag and green tag CRT
-$9 EBs
Paid 2.34 including tax, and got $9 extra bucks back.

I probably could have found a more frugal filler to allow me to use $9 extra bucks, but frankly I needed the chocolate. Sometimes a gal needs the chocolate.

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