Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Challenge

So loads of my hound friends are doing stockpile challenges right now- either using them to keep their OOP as low as humanly possible, or building them up with as low an OOP as possible. These sound like pretty long term goals to me, and I'm a little bit ADD, so I've decided to make myself a short term one.

It goes like this: don't spend more than $100 OOP for the rest of the month. Groceries, gas, splurges, etc. I'm not counting when I pay my rent and utilities, just stuff I can control from right now - 4/30.

Actually, I'm starting it yesterday since that was payday for me and that'll make the challenge one pay period (plus, I didn't spend anything yesterday). I'm also gonna give myself one major exception, which is plane tickets. Because DBF and I are a one hour flight apart, I buy those when I can get a good price on them and keep that part of my budget flexible.


centralillinoisian said...

Great way to make this challenge work for you!

annathy03 said...

Thanks Central :-D I wanted to participate with everyone- you all make it much more fun!