Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hounding Pictures!

We'll start with the most exciting picture- my very first donation basket! There is a team at work doing the Revlon Walk/Run event which raises funds to fight breast cancer, and I'm donating a basket for them to raffle off. The retail value of it is ~$60, and I couldn't have done it without my hound friends, so THANK YOU!

Next we have the Dove skin Vitalizer, which upon finding at CVS I mentally jumped up and down- not only did I have a $3.75 IP, I had a $2.50 CRT. Since these were on sale for $4 (not too late to run out and get your raincheck ladies!) this week, that's a profit of $2.25! At this same CVS I finally found clearanced StayFree while I was looking for a filler to eat up the overage on the Vitalizer. I've been looking for these all month so I was happily shocked to find them.

Now, I bought 2 of the Stayfree (all they had, and I needed both to use my $2/2 MC), but there is only one here b/c as soon as I got home my roomie asked if she could buy a pack off me since she had just run out.
Transaction: $4 Vitalizer + $2.39 Stayfree + $2.39 Stayfree - $3.75 IP - $2.50 CRT - $2/2 MC + tax = $1.11 OOP, "sold" one pack stayfree to my roomie (she insisted on giving me $) for $2, for an IMP (in my pocket) of $0.89, and $4 EB profit from the Stayfree.

Speaking of CVS, their TP and paper towels were on sale this week. While I still have plenty of paper towels, we were actually starting to run quite low on TP, so I did this deal twice. It isn't free TP, but I like the stuff, and my stores only double one same-type Q per transaction, so it's harder for me to execute deals like Angel Soft. Plus, that Stayfree/Vitalizer profit has to go somewhere!

First time:
2*$5 12 double rolls TP
-$2/10 CVS brand
-$7.98 EB
= $0.02 OOP
Second time (different day, got another $2/10 from the scanner)
2*$5 12 double rolls TP
$2.89 Edge
-$2/10 CVS brand
-$2 EB, $3 EB, $4.99 EB (softsoap one, said $4.49 on it but scanned at $4.99)
=$0.98 OOP, $2.89 EB back

And finally, my earth day WAGS purchase. Sadly I didn't notice til it was too late I didn't get the 15% off, but this was still a good transaction because the foundations came with free mascaras at this location.

2*$7.19 Physicians Formula Organics foundation w/ spf and free mascara
2*$1.00 Walgreens medicine
$0.99 Walgreens bag
-$3 Physicians Formula Foundation or bronzer (peelie found at CVS awhile back)
-$1 Physicians Formula MC
-$0.99 Free Walgreens bag Q
-$2 RR, $2 RR
=$9.90 on GC, will get back $11 for Physicians Formula

Oh, and as far as my Challenge goes, I still have $71.34 to spend. It'll all come down to if me and my mom go to DisneyLand tomorrow. If we do, I'll bust (just admission is most of that), but if not I think I can manage pretty easy, especially now that my WAGS GC came.

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