Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holy Bertolli!

Thanks to Dancinmama for this fantastic deal!

14*$2.00 Bertolli premium sauce pouch
1*$2.50 Bertolli sauce jar
-5*$1/1 Bertolli premium sauce pouch Q's
-5$$1.50/2 Bertolli any sauce Q's
=$18 OOP, got back $10 ONYO for spending $30 on "feeling great" products (look for the background on the price labels in stores for participating products) AND 7 $2 ONYO from Bertolli (this is $2 for buying 2... it may only be for the pouches, and it MAY only be through today, I don't have confirmation of that either way)- That's a $6 Profit!!! On food!

Then bought this stuff with the $10 Cat (hey, a gal can't live on pasta sauce alone... especially considering I can't eat it yet- the sauce has stuff in it that can get caught in my wisdom tooth sockets)

6*$0.70 Yoplait
$2.50 Safeway Ice cream
$2.50 Imitation crab legs
$0.79 Salt
2*$1.65 Healthy request tomato soup (I hate that these aren't on sale, but I need some tomato soup for lunches this week)
-$0.40/6 Yoplait Q, Doubled to $0.80
-$0.55 Imitation crab peelie, "Doubled" to $1
-$0.40/2 Healthy Request soup Q, Doubled to $0.80
-$10 Catalina from previous purchase
=$0.69 OOP

And before this stop I'd gone to WAGS for some free stuff
Trans 1:
$2.99 Skintimate
$2.00 Scunci Hairties, 18 pk
-$4 GC from yesterday
=$1.15 OOP, got $3 RR and $2 RR back
Trans 2:
$3.29 Toothbrush
$1.99 Chapstick
-$3 RR from Skintimate
-$2 RR from Scunci
=$0.77 OOP, got $3.50 RR and $2 RR back


frugalsuz said...

Great job! I wish I had this deal in my area too. I'm glad to hear you "survived" your surgery. :)

annathy03 said...

Thanks! I thiknk Safeway and Shop Rite need to crowd in on one another's turf so we have access to more deals... that'd rock!