Friday, November 6, 2009

Spending Free Money

A few months ago, I started using SwagBucks as my search engine. It rewards you randomly when you search with "Swag Bucks" which you can redeem for prizes. I've earned almost $40 in Amazon gift cards through this program, and today I bought my first items off Amazon with that moola.

I am most excited for my primary purchase, The Pioneer Woman Cookbook! I love Ree's website and recipes, which are laid out in easy to follow picture-accompanied steps, and am really looking forward to having her book in my kitchen.

I also got Family Feasts for $75 a week, which had really high recommendations saying the recipes were very original, so I figured I'd give that one a try too (esp since Ree's book doesn't cost enough to qualify for free shipping on its own).

Of course, having a positive balance (or credit) on my amazon account from the gift cards I earned, I didn't have to pay a penny out of pocket for either, which makes me awfully happy. Can't wait to get them in a week or so and start trying new things! Hopefully they'll both become staples in my kitchen.

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