Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad Lean Cusines?

I always keep a few frozen meals in the freezer here at work, in case I forget to pack my lunch or we decide not to go out on a Friday. Last week though, our office lost power for 24-26 hours. Everything in the fridge was tossed out of course, but they've left the freezer goods up to our discretion. Also, I don't think the freezer was opened at all while the power was out.

So, do lean cusines and the like go bad that fast? Would you toss the suckers, or just nuke 'um a little longer?



Simplysara said...

Honestly, I'd toss them. They may be fine, but they may not be. My boyfriend is a Molecular Biologist and is a stickler for food safety because he knows how fast "stuff" grows. He is especially careful about frozen food beacuse it is generally made without preservatives because the freezing process is the preservative. I know throwing out food is difficult when you are frugal, but in this case, you won't know if they are bad until it is too late.

annathy03 said...

Thanks Sara, I think I will toss those today; while it makes me cry a little inside I know it isn't worth the risk of getting sick.

Shelly said...

They might've still been edible, but why risk it? I had food poisoning from a BBQ chicken Lean Cusine pizza a year and a half ago. Two hours after eating it, I had stomach pains and I was sick for about 6 hours afterwards. It made me wonder if it had been out of the freezer for awhile before I bought it.