Friday, May 1, 2009

Challenge Update

Last we chatted, I had $3.65 left to last me until today. I went to my Uncle's wedding reception, which caused me to fill up my gas tank at a cost of $23.70 (worth it), and did the Command hook deal at CVS (this week the metal hooks are $2.50, there is an IP for $2.50, and you get $5 EB back when you spend $15 on them), which cost me $1.31 in tax. Again this was worth it since they made me $3.69 profit and are something I can use.

So all in all, I spent $121.36 this pay period. It wasn't my Challenge goal, but I'll take it! As for this week, I have a $2 RR I need to spend today or tomorrow, and I plan on doing the Coke deal at CVS on Sunday. I should be headed out on a business trip Monday morning, and I'm flying home next Friday for a wedding and Mother's day- so if my plans don't change I won't be doing any "real" grocery shopping until the 11th.

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