Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bye Bye Long Hair, Hello Beach!

I'm moving to the beach! I have one month left in my current place, and then I'll move into my new abode by the sea. My new rent is quite comparable to what I pay now, though I'll miss this place some, and my current roomies (and their furbabies!) more.

In other exciting news, I cut my hair yesterday! Now, I haven't posted any pictures of myself here, but I assure you it was L. O. N. G. It now comes to just below my chin, having chopped off about a foot of it. Yes, a foot.

See? I donated it to Locks of Love at my local Great Clips. If you want to donate, most salons will take care of the shipping and paperwork, so the biggest thing to know is that hair has to be clean, 10" or longer, and not bleached (dyed darker or permed is OK).

Great Clips used to do free haircuts when you donate your hair to LOL across the board, but now it is a franchise by franchise choice, so be sure to call first and check! The first one I called did not, but one 5 miles away from it did, so all my haircut cost me was the tip (please do bring cash for that, as you are still using the stylist's time).

Oh yeah; and have a FANTASTIC, safe holiday weekend!


Jenny said...

Good luck with the move and enjoy the beach!

frugalsuz said...

That's so great that you donated your hair! There's going to be one happy lady out there somewhere because of you.

annathy03 said...

Thanks! I'm not expecting any hiccups- not that anyone ever is, lol.

Thanks; I hope the kid who gets it (LOL only works with patients under 18) enjoys them- I can't imagine losing your hair as a child and what that would do to a kid's self esteem.

centralillinoisian said...

I am so glad you made a dicision for the move, and that you let us know. I am sure you will totally enjoy the beach.

I also give my hair to Locks of Love. The lady that cuts my hair takes care of it. I just grow the hair and she chops it off and sends it in! I have done this a few times already. My hair is short now, but I am already planning to grow it out again and donate it!

annathy03 said...

Thanks CentralIl; and that's awesome you donate too.

ohiobri08 said...
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ohiobri08 said...

Congrats on donating your hair! I can never seem to get my hair that long.

And good luck with the move! I'm about to move as well so I definitely understand how big of a pain it is.

frugalsuz said...

Oh wow, they donate it to children? That's so sweet!

annathy03 said...

Bri- Thanks; I'm really lucky to have hair that grows easy. Good luck with your move too- I hope you have some friends to help you out!

Suz- Yeah; I love that about them- it's actually the reason I started donating with LOL instead of other programs... of course the discount/free cuts don't hurt either.