Monday, March 8, 2010

I love me some Rite Aid!

And some Covergirl! I was driving down to San Diego for work today and had to stop for gas, and lo and behold there was an RA in the same center. I decided it was fate, and went in armed with my Qs after the free CG makeup. I should also mention I used Coupon Dede for the first time for these, since I don't usually buy 5 papers.

4*8.49 CG Blast Mascara, BOGO
2*15.99 CG/Olay ageless foundation, BOGO
2*9.99 CG TruBlend foundation, BOGO
2*8.99 CG TruBlend pressed powder, BOGO
-5 BOGO coupons
=4.59 (I think, reciept is in the car), CA sales tax only

Even with the cost of the coupon handling (and btw I should have gotten more of these, the fillers I picked to get to the $3.00 minimum are lacking), I spent about 8.50 on all this makeup, which subtotaled at just over $100. I picked a variety of shades for the foundations/powders so I can donate them to a charity in my area that helps abused women prepare for job interviews and the workplace. My neighbor volunteers at the no-cost preschool some of the kids go to and I'm really excited to be able to give these to the organization. And heck, with a tax reciept, my pockets are pretty stoked too!


Simplysara said...

Did you go to a Rite Aid in San Diego? If so, which store? I live there and have had so much trouble getting them to take my bogo q's on a bogo sale. My regular store will only take one at a time/day.

annathy03 said...

Sara I was a little north yet of San Diego, but I was south of Oceanside... I want to say circa exit 47 off the 5. There was a Ralph's and a Chevron in the same little center just off the freeway. I'll have to get my reciept later and check for you.

Simplysara said...

Sounds like the Pointsettia Rite Aid. Right by the car dealerships? That's 30 miles north of me these days (in the summer my parents camp at the state beach right by there so I am there all the time). It does give me hope though. So many of the Southern California stores are not coupon friendly (I mean all stores). I don't really understand why but when I visit my sister in Arizona the cashiers are always happy that I am saving but in San Diego they act like I am handing them a stack of swine flu or something

annathy03 said...

Sara, it was store 05622 in carlsbad, sorry it took me so long to get that. Totally know what you mean, most of my stores act like I am somehow ripping them off by using q's they get reimbursed for.