Sunday, February 15, 2009

Woah. I have a blog.

So, I discovered something today. Besides that I'm too lazy to go get the free toothpaste at CVS because it's not a MM without the coupons, which I can't seem to find. I have a blog! Apparently I created it some time ago and simply never posted. I inadvertantly found it today while figuring out how to post on Dhunny/4Hats giveaway post. If I can figure out the camera I got for Christmas I will try to post photos, but for now we'll stick to deals and my once-a-week real meal. I have 3 roommates and we kind of rotate on the whole cooking bit, so I cook "for real" about once a week.

CVS yesterday:
Ear rinse $7.99
Energy Shots $4.99
CVS aspirin vial $1.99
Venus Embrace $7.99
2*CVS nail polish remover $1.99 ea
J&J bandage+neosporin 5 pack $4.99

Used a $5/30 CVS Q, $1.99 free aspirin vial Q, $2 Venus Embrace Q, $1 J&J Q and $21 EB's, and spent $1.27 OOP. I earned $21.98 EBs, so my true cost was just $0.29.

WAGS yesterday:

Gillete Gamer $8.99
2*Progresso soup $1.25
Bounty Basic $0.89 (realized at home I had another Q and should have bought 1 more- oh well)

Used a $4 Gillete Q, $0.50/2 Progresso Q, and a $0.25 Bounty Q and charged the remaining $8.45 on the GC I got from transferring my perscription there. Also got back a $6 GC (should have been a RR, but their machine wasn't working right), for a true cost of $2.45.

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