Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CVS with my favorite cashier

So, after the gym today (where I coughed up too much money for my next 5 personal training sessions... if only my silly health weren't important, but that's a story for another day) I stopped by CVS. It's definitely one of my favorite CVS's, and in part to my favorite cashier, who doesn't treat coupons like they're a hassle, and gives me compliments like "those coupons really work!" and points out for the sake of newbies everywhere that you earned EB's so keep this receipt and don't let them expire.

In the whole, my health is important notion, I'm starting on a multivitamin with an additional calcium supplement. This week's BOGO for a penny sale let me get both for $9.50, plus I had a $1/CVS vitamin CRT and a $2/10 CVS Brand purchase CRT (I got the pretzels as a filler to hit $10). So here's what I got:

$9.49 CVS Calcium + D Supplement, 144 ct
$0.01 CVS Multivitamin + Iron, 365 ct
$0.79 CVS pretzel sticks
$2.99 Neutrogena Soap (look in the facewash section with all the pricey Neutrogena stuff)
$2.99 Neutrogena Soap (yeah, on one of the lower shelves)
$5.99 Turning Leaf 2006 Reserve Cabernet (oooooh I love wine sales with hang tag Q's!)
- $2/10 CVS Brand Purchase
- $1/CVS Vitamins 60 ct or larger
- $2 Neutrogena Men's product
- $1 Turning Leaf Hangtag Q
- $7.99 EB from Earinse
- $3 EB from J&J monthly deal (see my very first post, it's a good filler for a $/$$)

OOP: 5.72, got back $10 EB for the Neutrogena. That's a net/true cost of 6.71, and yes, the OOP is high, but that's cuz you can't use EBs on wine. I could have tried to use more and hoped they "attached" to another item, but I'm a goody too shoes, especially with cashiers I like and see regularly.

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