Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Navy, Baby!

So I finally got to Old Navy to use the $50/$100 coupon I found during the reload Sunday night. Let's take a peek at my new clothes, shall we?
Disclaimer: I sound a little like an ON advertisement below, but it's been a loooong time since I've bought clothes for me that weren't specifically to improve my work wardrobe, and I'm a little excited.

We'll start with the dresses ($15 each sale price). They aren't fancy or anything, but perfect little sundresses. And in case you missed it a few posts back, I'm moving to the beach... I plan on wearing things with the word "sun" in them a lot. Sundress, sunglasses, sunscreen, sun... okay, that's all I got.

What is this? Color, in my wardrobe! Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Of course, two dresses aren't enough, I can't wear them all the time... so we'll get some blue shorts and a bright green skirt, too! Skirt $15 on sale, shorts $19.50 regular price
Now, I suppose I should get some practical things for work... how about two tank tops to go under my liter dress shirts? $5 each, sale price. And I loved these shoes, $19.50 they're cute, feel comfy enough, and they are a small wedge, which I like- with the big ones I think "uh I'll just take a normal heel thanks".

As for the socks that snuck in, those are for this "GYM" thing I'm trying to go to right now. These were good thick socks, and I was just a little shy of $100, so I threw them in at $6.50 ($5 each if you buy 2+)

So my subtotal came to $100.50, which was just $50.50 after coupon! Plus tax. Stupid California. But I bought it in OC instead of LA county, so at least the tax wasn't as high as it could have been.


centralillinoisian said...

Those clothes are cute. Have fun wearing them at the beach (when you get there!)

frugalsuz said...

Very nice! I like the shoes too, they look like they'd be pretty comfortable.

annathy03 said...

Thanks CentralIL! I move in 2 weeks from now, so it won't be long. I may be painting the room this week... thinking light green.

Frugalsuz- It's nothing compared to your recent shopping, lol. I wore them this weekend (with the green skirt no less) and got one little blister, but I think I'd irritated that spot earlier with some other shoes. All in all I'd recommend them :)

Pubbler said...

Lovely items. I LOVE the printed dress. Have to go look for one for myself :-)

annathy03 said...

Thanks Pubbler- I like it too! I don't recommend the tube one though- it has had some strings pull out already... I'm not sure what to do about that since they won't go back where they were and I'm afraid if I cut them they'll keep pulling.